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Thank you for wandering here.  I'm Jaime, a gold and silversmith living in San Francisco.  I design timeless forever pieces of jewelry with a bohemian luxe feel.   What comes off my my workbench will be made in solid metals, present rich textures, and house natural stones from the earth.  Ancient, antique, and vintage iconography inspire me, as well as nature and the sky.  Sustainable products are an important focus and my goal is to make lasting jewelry for everyday wear.    


I started my jeweler's journey at the Creative Metalworks School of Design in Kensington, MD in 2011.  After moving to San Francisco, I continued taking courses at the Hunter's Point Shipyard Artists' Community, and finally set up my home studio in 2017.  With a master's degree in education, I am now happily exploring the teaching side of metalsmithing. 

On a day that I'm not making jewelry, I'm probably on the hunt for vintage pieces, beach-combing by the sea, walking under the trees with my dogs, and hanging with my family and friends.  I'd love to know what adventures you've embarked upon with your cherished piece of jewelry.  Visit my events and connect with me on Instagram at @jfieldsjewelry

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