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Summer Solstice Photoshoot: Bay Area June 2022

Updated: Feb 21

The golden top of Mt. Tam in Marin County, California was the setting of my first inaugural photoshoot for J Fields Jewelry. We shot on the the summer solstice in 2022 on a scorching day, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees. It was a challenge, but the entire team harmonized effortlessly.

Amidst rolling hills the models wore natural fibers and glittering jewels.  Rachael Rivera and Ryen Darling, brought to life the essence of the Bay Area's artistic vibrancy.  Jeffry Harrison, Mill Valley photographer, visual story teller, and knowledgeable mastermind of all of the secret spots to capture the day, was assisted by the equally accomplished Orrin Hoffman.


J Fields Jewelry Logo by General Witch
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